These adorable badge reels will be the center of attention! We have so many different shapes to choose from and so many different glitter color options. These are completely customizable and are made to order. The badge reels are equipped with a strong magnet making the acrylic pieces interchangeable!

Handmade With Love <3

Welcome to our shop! Every order helps support our small business and is handmade with love and shipped from Alaska! We want to make sure every order is exactly how you want it to be so everything in our shop is completely customizable!

  • Paw Print Dog Poop Bag Holder

    These adorable poop bag holders are the perfect accessory for your fur baby! They are perfect for any adventure like long walks or hikes! These are completely customizable and each one comes with a wire keychain cable to attach the holder to your dogs harness or leash! We have so many glitter colors and patterns to choose from to make each one perfect for your fur baby! 

  • Bone Dog Poop Bag Holder

  • Bone Dog Poop Bag Holder

  • Dog Poop Bag Holder

Our Fur Baby Georgie

This is our fur baby Georgie modeling the paw print poop bag holder! We don’t go on any adventures without it! We even bring extra on our adventures to share with our 4-legged friends along the way!